California Close to Outlawing Ransomware

In March, Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital in Los Angeles paid $17,000 to regain access to its systems after hackers held them for ransom. Now, California is introducing new legislation which would call for hackers using “ransomware” to be prosecuted under a statute similar to extortion, but geared specifically to cyber crime.

More than $209 million in ransomware payments were made in the United States alone during the first three months of 2016, according to FBI statistics cited by the new bill’s supporters. For the victims, there is often little resolution.

Dean Sperling Law works to resolve our clients’ legal matters involving contractual disputes, landlord-tenant issues, unlawful detainer & lease disputes as well as debt collection from secured and unsecured creditors, always with your best interests in mind. And it’s looking like ransomware victims, including Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital, might just get some resolution too.

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