Seeing Litigation Through With Funds and Fortitude

There are many misconceptions new clients have about the legal process and the various strategies and tactics used by fantastic firms like Dean Sperling Law to get matters resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

One of these involves “sitting” with litigation and hoping the other side will magically come to their senses. Spoiler alert – probably not gonna happen. Our man with a complete and well-used set of legal encyclopedias, Dean Sperling, explains a bit more.

Dean says, “Another misconception is that simply filing litigation and then “sitting” with it will make the other side come to their senses and resolve the matter. I advise clients that where a client in the past has insisted on this tactic, I provide letters letting them know that they are not following the recommendations I am making. I also tell them that almost without exception, this tactic ends up costing more in the long run. The other side will not settle and believes we don’t have either the funds or the fortitude to see the litigation through. The only way to go into litigation, and perhaps obtain a settlement, is to know that money will need to be spent and work will need to be done. If I sense that the potential client is going to have a problem with my recommendations, then I may not take the case as neither the client nor I will be happy with the process or how it most likely will play out.”

There you have it. It takes both funds and fortitude to resolve these matters with your best interests in mind. So the next time you’re dealing with a contract dispute, landlord tenant matter or debt collection from a secured or unsecured creditor, reach out to Dean and get that thing resolved.