You Must Be High to Buy That Hunk of Desert

In Adelanto, Calif, General Atomic Aeronautical Systems, the manufacturers of the Predator drone, might not get the commercial land it wants because the local landlords can get more money from some marijuana growers.

This begs the questions — just how high will the price go?

As reported in Newsweek recently, “Adelanto, which once flirted with bankruptcy, is now seeing a land rush and people willing to spend millions of dollars to secure property and permits to grow marijuana legally, considering a future where millions of Californians will legally be permitted to enjoy weed recreationally.”

You have to admire Adelanto for learning in to catch this coming wave using what they’ve got in the most efficient way possible. Not unlike Dean Sperling Law, which works to resolve all sorts of landlord/tenant matters efficiently with our clients’ best interests in mind.

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