Disorder in the Court

Disputes are a part of business—a part of life. And when we can’t decide among ourselves how to resolve them, we turn to the courts. But what happens when things escalate out of control and get physical IN court?  That’s what happened recently here in Orange County.

According to multiple news sources, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department is now investigating a courthouse fight that broke out recently between a District Attorney’s investigator and a defense attorney who triumphed over prosecutors in a recent case involving jailhouse informants.

Defense attorney James Crawford said he was attacked by a DA investigator he didn’t recognize. “My back was to him and the next thing I know I find my head getting slammed into a bench.” Crawford said. “He then proceeded to punch me and pin me into the bench.”

Now Dean Sperling Law fights very hard for our clients to resolve all matters (including landlord/tenant issues and contract disputes) with their best interests in mind.

But with any luck…no actual blood will be spilled.

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