You’re Now on Court System Time

Today, we’re talking about some misconceptions that new clients have about the legal process and specifically how much time their matter will take to be resolved.  Our man with all the answers, Dean Sperling, Attorney At Blog, is here with your answer.  Dean says:

“Another misconception is that a legal resolution through the courts will occur quickly.  The courts are backlogged taking months to obtain a hearing date in some cases. Further, opposing counsel often engage in tactics to run up a bill and/or to delay the matter for as long as possible. There are no solutions to these problems as they are outside our control and I advise clients up front as to what can happen. That is why I also, when discussing how we are going to proceed, say that there is a settlement that will make sense at some point. The time and expense of litigation may make a solution that is not acceptable now more acceptable in 4-6 months. This is true for both sides.”

And there you have it. And of course, Dean Sperling Law works hard to resolve your matter with your best interests in mind so if you have any questions or concerns, get in touch with us. We, unlike the court system, get things done quickly and effectively.