An Honest Lawyer

252560a1282016eac71cc531294d3a1dNo, that’s not a typo in the title. Today, we’re going to talk about a common misconception that Dean Sperling’s clients have of him, and really all lawyers. So…how to say this delicately. There are…trust issues due to the profession’s longstanding reputation. (aka – some lawyers are dishonest scumbags). Here’s what Dean says of the subject:

“I usually have to deal with the usual views that the public has of lawyers in general, to wit: the only thing that matters is being paid and nothing else. Of course I need to be paid. If I provide a service or advance costs, I expect to be paid like anyone else. However, I don’t do unnecessary work and I am efficient as to the work I do. I care about the results and don’t want to perform legal work that I don’t believe will achieve the client goals. I want long-term clients where they call me when they have a problem, and not simply a quick payday. When discussing this, I often get the response of being an honest lawyer. In 36 years of practice, I can count the number of fee disputes on one hand using very few fingers.”

And there you have it. Dean Sperling:

  • Does great work (has for 36 years)
  • Doesn’t do unnecessary work to pad his bills
  • Wants long-term relationships with clients
  • Many consider him to be an “honest lawyer”

Is Dean the last or only “honest lawyer” out there? We’re honestly not sure because just like getting a glimpse of a New Zealand “kakapo,” a flightless, nocturnal bird that is the heaviest of all parrots, we probably haven’t seen one before.