Client Questions: Vol 2: Litigation Costs

This week’s question from a new client is a good one. It’s the “money question” so to speak. And in this case the money question is actually about money. Dean Sperling, the legal man with the legal plan, offers his insight.

Question: How much should we be prepared to spend on litigation?

Dean: Of course the best response from a lawyer is, “how much have you got?” 🙂  But in all honesty, it really is difficult to say and depends on several variables most importantly what the other side is going to do. We can plan out what we do however we have no control over what the opposing party does. I have litigated cases in state, federal and bankruptcy courts for 36 years and have a very good handle on the time needed on the work we do.

One thing I do to help manage expectations is to prepare budgets for the case as we go along and obtain client approval for the work ahead of time. As to what the other side does (discovery, motions, depositions), we have to take it as it comes and respond. Sometimes litigation is necessary, but I will always work to present a variety of options to resolve the matter with YOUR best interests in mind.

There you have it, folks. We know every legal situation is unique…and stressful. So to get some peace of mind and a better handle on your legal options for matters involving business law, lease agreements or collections from creditors, call or e-mail Dean Sperling for a consultation.