Resolved to Get Better in 2016

2015 is almost a memory and that’s means it’s time to start with a fresh slate perhaps with a resolution or two to make life better in 2016. US News and World Report recently listed a few good resolutions for you planners out there:

  1. Get Healthy (because you know, you’ve got nothing without your health)
  2. Pay off debt  (and that includes not going into more of it)
  3. Get organized  (clutter is evil, clutter is evil, clutter is evil….)

And I’d like to add a few for my clients and prospects out there:

  1. Get paid by any creditors (even in bankruptcy — we do this!)
  2. Make sure any new contracts going out have been reviewed by legal
  3. Resolve any other legal matters that are going to cause you stress and really screw up your 2016.  (talk to us – we can help)

Now of course we’re biased, but those last three and really worth looking into. Here’s to a fantastic end of 2015 and kick off of 2016!

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